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Shout Out!!! I Got Freedom

Yes i got freedom! yes that’s true. Just wait what i mean is, i got the “Spring Freedom”. What that means! after a dormant winter, freezing rains & Low temperatures, we got Spring here couple of weeks back, but unfortunately the temperatures are still low. when coming to the point. Spring is the season of new beginnings, where the tress & bushes begin to grow new leaves and flowers.


Spring blossoms

As i said before regarding “Spring Freedom” , that means we can go out for a walk, feel the fresh breeze. After about 6 months of Cold winter,it really means a lot. When i went for my first walk this Spring into the woods it was like so lively. how can i explain that, birds chirping, the fresh wind breezes, warmer sunshine, blue sky, blossoming flowers. It’s like how great the Nature is. Spring begins the new life cycle for flora and fauna.

“Spring a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be”

i enjoyed the walk, and there is a resting place where few flowering plants were planted. To enjoy the nature we need to spend with it right. so i sat there for sometime. Then i saw Tulips flowering herbs around that resting area. As i hail from India i don’t  know much about these flowers “Tulips” except the name. so i took some pictures and came back but i was curious to know more about these flowers. i searched few things which i would like to share here.

Tulips- A Spring blooming perennial herb

i know about Roses and Roses bouquet as a representation for any good occasion. but Tulips bouquet represents “Elegance & Grace”. their actual habitat is from Persia & Turkey.  The beauty of Tulips, it symbolizes distinct meaning ” Yellow tulips – Cheerful thoughts, White Tulips – Forgiveness, Purple – Royalty, Red- Perfect love”.

IMG_20190411_091943270 (1)
More Tulips from same Garden

This flower blossom for only 4-6 weeks and if we want to see the beauty again we need to wait till Spring. In general Tulips are considered a Welcome harbinger of spring.In Some places like Holland, Canada and many parts of North America in first week of May they celebrate Tulip festival. In India we can see it in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Srinagar.

This is my first story on my blog. i wish you’ll enjoy while reading.

Happy Spring Time!!

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