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A Day Out for Kite

Well ! Since my childhood i loved to play outdoor games. we used to play with our neighbours and friends in the evening time mainly when it comes to Summer we all used to play so many fun games including kite flying. i dont know but present generation might miss the fun playing outdoors. yes in summers we (myself and my brother) used to fly kites with all the kids. i still remember that we didn’t buy kites, we used to make our own with the News paper, some left over rice or with gum (glue) and some thin sticks from brooms. we used to make kites. we used to enjoy a lot by watching how long the kite is flying away. i forgot to mention that we used to send letters to the flying kites too. That childish deeds are still a memory.

when i attended Kite Festival here a week ago i thought to write something about that. As shared few thoughts about my Childish memories, here i would like to share my present  feelings of Flying kites. As the generation changing so fast each and everything are changing including the Kite shape and structure which is good to see ofcourse…IMG_20190427_124713717_BURST001

when we (myself & my Kid) attended Kite Festival in The United States, we have been given free kites to ride. i felt so great for that. and when i see in the ground there are so many kites flying. one can see wind ride the kite and watching it decorate the Sky feels a Positive Vibes. here in the picture you can see we have been given Spider man kite flying int the sky. The wind is So strong on that day few kites were driven even more heights.  I felt like Kites give us a way to directly feel the energy of the wing as a force of Nature. perhaps they are sway to enjoy nature.


In Ancient times Kites were called as “Paper Hawks”. The name Kite first appeared in Japanese book. In Japan they were often flown in hopes of ensuring a good Harvest. The flight of a kite could predict the success or Failure of Crops. well after knowing this i got a glance about a festival which is celebrated in India namely” Makar Sankranti”. all over india with different names. The kite flying festival is soothing and chilled out making farmers bring their New crop home. Even Kites were flown as a mark of thanking for a Plentiful harvest. This shows there is “Unity in Diversity”in the Universe. As the Kite Festival  which i attended was in the spring means to predict the Crop Success.

 Flying Dumbo Kite

Kite Festival is considered to be as cool, Flying of Vibrant and colourful Kites with Family and Friends. we can enjoy by watching the excited smiles on the faces of kids and elder ones too. Now a  days we can see Kites of every shape and size. Even Kites are developing from technology. As i captured few pics from Kite Festival which i attended, A beautiful butterfly Kite you can see above and The Dumbo Kite ( New Disney Movie ). There are so many different kites like Iron man, Minions, Elsa etc. What i feel is always the Celebration of Kite Festival is very prominent as it creates an environment across each and everyone face which brings out the Child out. i enjoyed flying Kite and watching my kid flying it too.  i hope you enjoy reading this Article.

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